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The brave hero Lux embarked on a journey to defeat the demon king together with the Blade Maidens; Honoka and Himeka. However, right at the brink of victory, the demon king placed a curse on Lux. Honoka and Himeka now must find a way to save Lux, but at what cost…?


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Lux, the brave hero, had received an imperial command from the king. He is to challenge and subjugate the demon king together with the the Blade Maidens, Honoka and Himeka.

After a deadly battle, he managed to corner the demon king. But right before victory is at hand, the demon king unleashed a deadly magic as a last resort. Lux managed to protect the Blade Maidens, at the expense of being turned into a gem, trapped alive in that condition…

The Blade Maidens decided to withdraw temporarily and prioritize to find a way to save Lux. However…

Honoka (CV: Yuka Hinata)

The pink-haired Blade Maiden. Himeka’s younger sister.
She is graceful and kind to just about everyone.
Yet secretly, she harbors strong interest for something else entirely..

Himeka (CV: Yuka Hinata)

The blonde Blade Maiden. Honoka’s older sister.
She has a headstrong personality and a strong sense of justice.
In truth, however, her personality is very distorted.



The brave hero who received an imperial order from his father, the previous king, to subjugate the demon king with the Blade Maidens, Himeka and Honoka. However, right before he managed to do so, he was turned into a gem while alive. Now he can only count on his companions, the Blade Maidens, to save him.


Lux’s uncle, who inherited the throne after the king passed away. He has a lazy and depraved personality due to his upbringing.

Demon King

The being who rules over the demons. A king, yet a woman.
She managed to turn Lux into a gem right before he defeated her.
Recognizing the Blade Maidens’ capabilities, she plans to capture them and force them to her side.

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