My Friend Asuna English Patch

Easy-to-play escape the rooms RPG game!

In this game, you control Asuna and solve simple quizzes and puzzles to escape. There is no battles or leveling up. If you fall into a trap, you will be taken directly into an H scene, but as you progress through the rooms, the hypnotic skills from Hanada become stronger and Asuna starts to falls for him.

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Asuna Nanase (CV: Nishiuri Suika), a popular student with a cheerful personality who is kind to everyone, loses the notes necessary for the next day’s test. She sends her childhood friend, Yuuki (who she likes deeply) home first and manages to find the notes, but… She is drugged with sleeping pills by the perverted teacher called Hanada, who had been eyeing her for a while, and falls unconscious.

When Asuna wakes up, she finds herself in the basement of Hanada’s “hypnosis room”. Will Asuna be able to escape the hypnosis room unharmed? Or will she succumb and become Hanada’s sex slave?

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