Immoral Days

The story is about a very unlucky couple crazy in love with each other. The girlfriend’s parents don’t allow her to see her boyfriend, and the academy they go to is very strict about couples. Thus, they constantly find themselves doing the best they can to fight against their circumstances. However, many men around them see this as an opportunity to steal the girl’s heart…


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CG Pack includes a total of 8 high resolution CGs of 2 canon scenes plus the original CGs of the novel.

PDF and ePub formats will be available on your downloads.



6 Different bull characters of a wide range of appearances targeting the FMC.
20 Chapters told from a male and female perspective and high resolution illustrations.
164 total pages of a slow burn story with amazing scenes and situations you have never read before!

Note: This work will be the base story of a future RPG game release.

1 review for Immoral Days

  1. 英语

    Aidivalyon (验证用户)

    This is not a completed story, it abruptly ends before any meat or potato’s are served with no additional info minus the prologue. I can appreciate where the author is coming from but there are some glaring issues with this light novel. For one, this thing is littered with punctuation and spelling mistakes. Second, despite the cover art and decent CGI pictures, this story takes place in America which makes the age gap between the MC and the Heroine even more problematic given the cultural differences in the age of consent. Though no ages are explicitly given, Heroine is finishing middle school and MC is prepping for collage. Third, given that visuals are limited for a light novel as opposed to a VN, Doujinshi, or an JRPG the way the story is narrated just isn’t interesting. We don’t get any emotional description on how any of the characters are feeling other than “That’s Hot” or “I’m sad”. Again visuals aside if your working with a genre as complex as NTR, you would think that the betrayal would be described as agonizing or addicted to the voyeurism aspect for the MC or Euphoric, Addicting and Taboo for the female lead. If this was something I read on a blog for free, I’d say this is a okay first draft and has some potential. Having paid full price I would say to save your money and hope the game that is getting based on fairs better.



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