Fault – Broken Promises

After losing in a duel of power and prestige, academy apprentice Albel has to brave the depths of the dungeon to save the beautiful swordswoman Aiel from falling into his rival’s hands. He promised her a future together… But can he really keep it, or will their bond get broken?

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To be at her side forever, to support and make her laugh – that had been the promise he gave her.

Now, years later, the two are studying swordsmanship and magic at the same academy: Albel, the aspiring newcomer, and Aiel, the beautiful and highly skilled swordswoman.

However, their promised future seems in danger after he loses in a duel against Karl, one of the academy’s strongest members.

A debt of 100.000 gold to be paid in 25 days, that is the deal for his defeat. Meanwhile, for every day it takes him to collect the debt, Aiel will receive a special training lesson from Karl…

Can he repay the debt before it’s too late? Or will his future hold nothing but broken promises?



Play as Albel, pitted against all odds after losing in a duel of power and prestige. To repay the massive debt, you will have to explore the dungeon together with Yuni, slay monsters, learn skills and sell loot for gear upgrades as you delve to deeper levels.

Events also await at the academy gates. Other students might ask for Albel’s aid, offering him a favor in return for his help.



  • Team up with Yuni or play solo as you fight your way through the dungeon.
  • Dual battle system: Simplified turn-based combat for normal enemies and a classic battle interface for bosses.
  • Manage your debt: Save up on gold or use it to buy better equipment.
  • Dynamic vendor inventory: The selection of offered items can change from day to day. It will be up to you to keep on saving gold or to spend it on a powerful, rare item.
  • Multiple endings and 99 save slots to try out different strategies!

No R18 Patch Available for this product yet.


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