Itty-Bitty Infidelity

Yuki is married happily with her husband, the protagonist. However, one day, the protagonist admits to her that he would like to play some rather uncommon game called ‘pretend-cheating’. Wanting to appease her husband, she decides to go with it…

Will the young couple’s relationship survive their little game?!


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Ever since they were little, Yuki has always admired the protagonist as her “big brother”. Eventually, they got married, and are now thinking about their future.

One day, the protagonist ends up admitting his kink to her: cuckolding. The act of lending someone’s wife to another.

Wanting to be helpful to her husband, Yuki decides to ask another man who specializes in cuckolding play for help.

Overtime, the protagonise is also gradually drowning in his kink. Yuki also slowly changes, as she becomes more and more immersed in pleasure that her husband cannot give to her…

Will the protagonist snap out of it before it’s too late? Who will the young wife Yuki choose? What will happen to the couple!? Only one way to find out!!


The protagonist’s wife. Youthful in appearance, she sometimes act childish on the inside as well, treating the protagonist as her “big bro”.

The Protagonist

Yuki’s husband and childhood friend. He was a big brother figure for Yuki when theywere little.

Secretly, he has a cuckolding fetish that he only now reveals to his wife.

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