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Life is good right now; you are enjoying your days playing VRMMORPG with your girlfriend and going to dates with her. One day, however, you met Inoda, the owner of the rare “Stealth Veil” skill that has the massive drawback of heavily weakening his character in the VRMMORPG you are playing.

You and your girlfriend decided to help him out, but that decision would soon turn sour as Inoda slowly encroaches into your daily life…


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You, the protagonist, are enjoying your daily life; treasuring the moments you have together with your girlfriend, playing games together, and going on dates.

One day, as you were playing a VRMMORPG with your girlfriend, you encountered Inoda who has the misfortune of possessing the unique skill “Stealth Veil” in the game, a powerful skill that has a massive drawback of severely weakening his character’s status.

Both you and your girlfriend took pity on Inoda and decided to help him ingame as much as possible so that he could stand on his own. But as time passed, Inoda began to encroach into your daily life. And… perhaps it’s because of your girlfriend’s gentle and helpful nature, but she and Inoda seem to be getting very close these days…



Go into the world of FoG, the VRMMORPG within NTR Online and challenge various enemies with 3D animated combat!

In the meantime, pay attention when your surroundings gets darker… You might see other animated scenes inside FoG that will grip you with heartrending emotions…

Outside the game, you can meet more than a dozen characters and interact with them daily, like your girlfriend, your sister, or your mother’s girlfriend. There are also many NPCs who you can interact with in town.

And, if you’re lucky–or unlucky–you might also be able to get a glimpse of what they have been doing behind your back… in beautiful, smooth, animated 3D!


The protagonist’s girlfriend, who enjoys playing a certain VRMMORPG games with him called FoG. An idol of sort due to her beautiful appearance and kind personality, there are many who are jealous of her relationship with the protagonist.

The Protagonist (Player)

An expert and edgy gamer very well known in the VR community. Right now, he focuses on enjoying his daily life together with his girlfriend. He goes to the same school as her girlfriend. Very naive and unware of his sorroundings.


The main antagonist of the story. A player who the protagonist encountered while playing in VR. He has the misfortune (or fortune?) of possessing a unique skill called “Concealed Breathing” in the game. This skill has the ability to completely hide his presence but comes with a massive drawback of severely weakening his character’s physical ability.

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5 reviews for NTR Online

  1. English

    pedro_fiallos (verified owner)

    Muy bueno la historia como las dinamicas del juego me gusto mucho

  2. English

    alexis audigue (verified owner)


    ! I haven’t finished the game but the story is crazy, the more we advance the more the corruption is felt on the heroine and the hero’s sister, the hotter the scenes become and the suspense increases

    one of the best NTR games of 2023 plus the author is working on a part 2, frankly it makes you want

  3. English

    Alex Geis (verified owner)

    Surprisingly long for this type of game, however, this is part 1 of a multipart game. I do not know why they do not put part 1 in the title here, because when I got to the end of the game at the midpoint of the story I was very confused. For the most part, it is a well-polished game. Combat is pointless and adds nothing to the game beyond extending playtime. The menu is adequate for a VN but underwhelming for an RPG, which is fine because this is a VN pretending to be an RPG. The H scenes are well done, the proportions of the girls are ridiculous but not too ridiculous. The story is fun and not just drivel. There are mechanics brought in the early game for viewing the H scenes, they kind of drop that mechanic halfway through so that feels like it is content that got cut because it was not finished in time for launch. Overall good price for what you get, could use some more polishing though.

  4. English

    Kinglionheart (verified owner)

    I played the unofficial translation of the game before. The unofficial’s version was fine but Saikey’s version is definitely more natural sounding.

    It might be only my experience but this version is more stable. When using the unofficial version the game crashed a few times but my entire run through did not crash once.

    My only issue with this version is the awkward lines because all the copyright had to be removed. Thr main guy and girl’s nickname being “Dark Swordsman” and “Thunder Bolt” is weird for me since I know the canon. Being able to rename your characters also had some weird lines but it is something you won’t notice unless you are looking for it.

    Overall even though I had the unofficial version I felt this was a worthwhile purchase.

  5. English

    ozcanjennifer (verified owner)

    story build-up is very well done

    the scenes are hot aswell and the translation is done perfectly

    everything in this game is done well

    if you’re looking for a game with animated scenes and good story you’re in for a treat

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