The Edge Of

Returning from a business trip, Sam senses something amiss at home. His newlywed wife’s unusual behavior and an overlooked detail in a selfie she sent during his trip – three mysterious fingertips at the frame’s edge – cause him to question if it’s all in his mind.


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Coming back home after a week-long business trip, Sam can’t help but sense that something isn’t quite right the moment he set foot inside his house. Is it the fact that his newlywed wife was sleeping in the afternoon rather than waiting impatiently for his return? Or is it because she was rather evasive the moment he questioned her about it? Or maybe it is simply his weary mind playing tricks on him? The latter seems like the most compelling answer, or so he thought, but as he finds himself gazing at a selfie his wife sent him during his business trip–a selfie in her lingerie–he notices something he didn’t catch when he first received it; the presence of three inconspicuous fingertips peeking at the edge of the frame.


  • 120k+ Words
  • 2 Different Perspectives
  • 2 Endings
  • 18+ CGs


Beth is Sam’s loving wife. She’s quiet, gentle, and extremely caring. So much so that, although Sam always wanted her to be a housewife, she kept working as social worker nonetheless, her dream to be of help to those in need trumping the tension that her work creates in her relationship. Ever since Sam contracted the coronavirus during the peak of the pandemic, her responsibility and work have steadily increased. But she’s fine with it as long as she can help her husband.


Sam is a car salesman who succeeded in his career by both being hardworking and predatorial in his professional life. Though he’s softened quite a bit ever since he married his wife, Beth. Now, all he wants is live a peaceful life devoid of action and drama. It doesn’t help that ever since he contracted this new, barely-understood virus six months ago, his usual vigorousness is nowhere to be found.


William is both Sam’s coworker and best friend. They’ve known each other since their high school days, and he’s known around the office as a joker and playboy. He’s the kind of guy who’s fun to be around, but sometimes a bit too ‘touchy’ with the opposing sex.


Drew is the guy who was always bullied when he was younger. And it just so happen that Sam and William were the one behind his hell during his high school years. He’s now a private eye, proficient with technology, and weirdly good-looking compared to when he was younger.

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