Sunset of Purity English Patch

Your childhood friend, Aki Hinata, is becoming more beautiful these days, and you can’t help but starting to develop feelings for her.

You decided to confess your feelings to her this summer, but… as the sun sets, its shadows lingers around you and her…

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(Since you can remember, your childhood friend Aki Hinata has always been by your side. At some point, you started to see her not just as a friend, but as a member of the opposite sex…

As the years went by, she became more and more feminine, and the men around her began to notice her charm. Feeling a sense of urgency from this, you decided to confess your feelings to her this summer…

But, as you enter summer vacation, Aki starts to have various experiences, unbeknownst to you, and gradually becoming an adult ahead of you…

All you can do is keeping watch from the sidelines…

No R18 Patch Available for this product yet.

4 reviews for Sunset of Purity English Patch

  1. 英语

    Vincent Morel (验证用户)

    The stars are mainly for the nice translation work.
    The game itself is really casual. I was honestly really waiting for it and got disapointed. It’s a bit like Scars of Summer but it’s not innovating. The main character crush is quite appealing but there’s nothing more in this game cause the secret ntr scene are not really good and I was hoping for more.
    But it’s still a decent game and it’s not a waste of time of money.
    Nice job !

  2. 英语

    ghamerho (验证用户)

    The patch is great regarding the translation and uncensoring of the game, and there wasn’t any bug as far as i finished the game.
    As for the game itself, not as good. The gameplay is just waiting for certain days and time to trigger events, and while the art and girl’s design is pretty hot, the ntr stories and chars didn’t feel as engaging.

  3. 英语

    axeon222 (验证用户)

    An overall fun experience. The game is certainly more focused on the story than gameplay, but what it lacks in gameplay variety, it more than makes up for in story and scenario variety.

  4. 英语

    sallythecat (验证用户)

    2 Stars for the translation. There is no game here. You pick a route and just skip to the days with an event. Save your time and just go to the recollection room.



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