NTR’d By Clumsiness

A month after the death of his friend and boss, Chris decides to invite his late friend’s son—Jeff—to stay at his house for two weeks while he’s in transition to go to college. On the eve of Jeff moving in, Chris decides to mention to his wife the danger that she’s about to face; the boy is unusually clumsy.


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NTR’d By Clumsiness is a humorous kinetic NTR visual novel that isn’t meant to be taken seriously.


  • Multiple Perspectives
  • Bad humor
  • Fun scenes and stuff…


Although Natasha’s husband, Chris, love to claim that she’s rowdy at night, Natasha is without a doubt a whole lot tamer compared to when they were younger. Having been a housewife for eighteen years, she’s learned to take everything with a grain of salt, except, of course, for that dreaded number that shows up on her birthday cake every year. Why does this damn thing keep going up, she always wonders.


Ever since he’s settled down and became a cop, Chris has weirdly stopped having nightmares about the few dozens of men he killed during his time as a hitman. He now enjoys his day to day working a nine to five job, giving tickets to speed criminals, and drinking beer—two max per his wife’s order—with his few friends during his time off, reminiscing about the good old days and teasing his wife for being rowdy at night.


Jeff is unlucky. So unlucky, in fact, that even his description doesn’t want anything to do with him.

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