Secret Hot Springs Girl

Relax and release all stress in this isometric pixel-art game, blessed by the goddess of hot springs. Bathe together with the beautiful Sayaka, travel to various locations and enjoy a wholesome time with the Secret Hot Springs Girl.


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Seeking relaxation from a long, hard week at work, one diligent salaryman finds much more than mere repose: A secret shop run by the goddess of hot springs!

Offered her blessings in exchange for faith, his task becomes to enjoy as many hot springs as possible. The goddess’ first blessing reveals a secluded place hidden deep in the mountains, where he is fated to meet Sayaka – a beautiful woman sharing his love for hot springs… and for all the things a couple can do together in the bath’s steamy heat.

This is your story, of love and leisure to gather faith for the goddess of hot springs!

Gather faith for the goddess of hot springs by enjoying the bathing facilities together with Sayaka. Faith can be earned in multiple ways: Soak in one of the hot springs, perform activities or collect hidden Hot Spring Coins. Once you have accumulated enough faith for the goddess, you can receive one of her blessings to unlock new locations, increase your weekly travel budget and more!

There is no time limit, you can play the game at your own pace.

  • A wholesome experience.
  • A variety of hot springs to visit together with Sayaka. Each location has its own story event and new activities.
  • Story events can be viewed again at any time via the protagonist’s laptop.
  • The protagonist can be toggled on and off or made transparent.
  • Free Mode to revisit a location whenever you want.
  • Fully one-handed control throughout the entire game.
  • A hidden secret to unlock for gathering all 100 Hot Spring Coins!

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