Locked up in a prison ruled by men, it is up to Silas Nanashiel to escape together with the help of other inmates and save her elder sister Leila from receiving a mind-breaking punishment.

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Accused of espionage against their own country, the pure and noble sisters Silas and Leila Nanashiel get thrown into the ‘Otar Prison’, a place firmly governed by men.

It is now up to Silas to break Leila out of prison. However, in order to gather information for their escape, Silas is forced to make deals with other prisoners and obey the guards’ harsh rule. Though no matter what happens, she won’t give up. With the help of other female inmates, the two sisters will reunite in freedom.

Silas Tia Nanashiel

Voiced by: Run Hanami

A highly intelligent yet humble and kindhearted heir to a prestigious family. She is knowledgeable in many areas, from legal matters to engineering.

At times, her bravery belies her youth, as she is willing to risk even her own life if it’s for the sake of her precious sister.


Leila Plum Nanashiel

Voiced by: Megumu Morino

Silas’ older sister. An altruistic noble who puts others before herself. She graduated university by skipping a grade and is now a young ace for an intelligence agency.

Leila is fond of women, dislikes things such as sweets and jewelry, and generally does not care about trends – she walks her life at her own pace.

She dotes on her younger sister Silas a lot – beyond what is normal.


Aria Glanz

Voiced by: Mimichi Miyako

A beauty orphaned by the war. She ended up having to steal food to survive.

At first glance, she seems very cautious and cold, yet she is actually very bright and cheerful. She has a strong sense of duty and will never betray those she trusts.

She is extremely proficient in thievery and lockpicking – very useful skills in her attempts at escaping the prison.

Her dream is to someday return to her hometown, Milk Mai.


Sophie Greenwood

Voiced by: Kanii

A kindhearted former medic who was sentenced to life in prison for treating an enemy soldier.

Her joy in life is to help others. She is an angel who never stops smiling in the face of hardships. Not only a well-versed medic, she is also adept at handling firearms.

She has a younger brother outside the prison walls, whom she feels guilty about leaving alone.


Yoko McCarthy

Voiced by: Mii Douraku

As a daughter of a politician with vast connections in the East, she ended up as a prison guard instead of a becoming a prisoner – a fact she is not at all amused about. However, right now it allows her to live the leisurely life of a guard.

While usually appearing soft-spoken and nice, she is extremely dangerous.

Silas is one of her targets.


Rufina Alinha

Voiced by: Megumu Morino

A female officer working for the Otar Prison Service.

Unlike the other officers, she is reasonable and does not dole out punishment unnecessarily – a dutiful, fair, and just woman.

She is especially concerned about Silas, who has only been imprisoned because of a conspiracy.

However, a part of her is extremely strict as she strives to maintain order. She acts without mercy against those who commit evil.


Helena Luo Albanel

Voiced by: Yuha Kawanose

Silas’ childhood friend.

While she has an arrogant aura befitting of a noble, she is fundamentally a kind woman.

Due to how she was raised, she has a strong sense of justice and is able to judge people fairly regardless of their appearance or upbringing.

She loves Silas beyond just as a friend and provides support from outside the prison to save her from a crime that Silas does not even remember having committed.


Aurora Pappas

Voiced by: Yorusora Hanegawa

An inventor from a rural town who got arrested for using illegal parts in her inventions.

She is kind, timid, and tends to keep her own opinions to herself.



Voiced by: Mimichi Miyako

A mysterious beauty currently held captive in Otar Prison. She is an emotionless cynic, unbefitting of her age.

She seemingly knows about everything going on outside the prison thanks to her carrier pigeons.

She is the only person who knows the reason why Leila was arrested.

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