Survival Mission Z

In a world ravaged by zombies, Roy and Sherry aim to reach the U.S. Capital in the hopes to find a better future. Luck seems to be on their side when they run into another group of survivors, being offered shelter and work to resupply until they can continue their journey.


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Available on June 21st, 2024
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Set in a world ravaged by zombies, former policeman Roy and his fiancé Sherry – a retired soldier of the U.S. Army’s Special Operations Force – are on their way towards Washington D.C. As their stock of medical supplies, food and ammunition runs low, they are lucky to encounter another group of survivors. 

Roy and Sherry get allowed into their base by word of one of their leaders: Gordon. He invites them inside, even offers Roy work to finance the stay at the base and restock supplies until they’re ready to leave for the U.S. Capital again. Roy accepts the offer, willing to scout dangerous locations overrun by hordes of zombies on the lookout for loot and supplies to gather and sell. 

It’s in Roy’s hands to make sure he and Sherry will reach their goal.

Loot and Shoot
Roy will eventually have to defend himself from ravenous zombies on his scouting missions. While it’s possible to avoid most enemies, mowing them down with brute force can be a reliable and satisfying way to fight your way through the apocalypse, as long as you manage your ammo count. Combat options range from melee weapons like a crowbar or an axe to Roy’s trusty handgun and possible gun upgrades.

Explore and Survive
Each of the scouting locations has its own quest to fulfill or secret to uncover as Roy explores further into the city. Even as new locations get unlocked, the choice remains yours: Scout more dangerous places far away from the base for more valuable loot or stick to closer, less zombie-infested places in exchange for lesser results, the decision is up to you.

The world might be in a grim state, but there’s always hope. Roy’s actions can impact the life of others, sometimes in direct ways when he’s saving another person’s life, sometimes indirectly by uncovering a truth. It’s a good idea to listen to the people Roy meets at the base and out in the city, they might have valuable information or require your aid.

Dynamic Decisions
Based on Roy’s decisions, some people might or might not survive the zombie apocalypse. Sometimes you will have to make tough decisions or fight a group of zombies in a tightly enclosed space to save someone’s life.

Equipment Upgrades
Roy can task the local weaponsmith with upgrading his handgun to more powerful versions. He can also purchase better melee weapons or acquire backpack upgrades for more storage capacity. The more Roy can carry back home, the quicker he’ll be able to leave the base and depart to Washington D.C. together with Sherry.

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