Survival Mission Z

In a world ravaged by zombies, Roy and Sherry aim to reach the U.S. Capital in the hopes to find a better future. Luck seems to be on their side when they run into another group of survivors, being offered shelter and work to resupply until they can continue their journey.


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Set in a world ravaged by zombies, former policeman Roy and his fiancé Sherry – a retired soldier of the U.S. Army’s Special Operations Force – are on their way towards Washington D.C. As their stock of medical supplies, food and ammunition runs low, they are lucky to encounter another group of survivors. 

Roy and Sherry get allowed into their base by word of one of their leaders: Gordon. He invites them inside, even offers Roy work to finance the stay at the base and restock supplies until they’re ready to leave for the U.S. Capital again. Roy accepts the offer, willing to scout dangerous locations overrun by hordes of zombies on the lookout for loot and supplies to gather and sell. 

It’s in Roy’s hands to make sure he and Sherry will reach their goal.

Loot and Shoot
Roy will eventually have to defend himself from ravenous zombies on his scouting missions. While it’s possible to avoid most enemies, mowing them down with brute force can be a reliable and satisfying way to fight your way through the apocalypse, as long as you manage your ammo count. Combat options range from melee weapons like a crowbar or an axe to Roy’s trusty handgun and possible gun upgrades.

Explore and Survive
Each of the scouting locations has its own quest to fulfill or secret to uncover as Roy explores further into the city. Even as new locations get unlocked, the choice remains yours: Scout more dangerous places far away from the base for more valuable loot or stick to closer, less zombie-infested places in exchange for lesser results, the decision is up to you.

The world might be in a grim state, but there’s always hope. Roy’s actions can impact the life of others, sometimes in direct ways when he’s saving another person’s life, sometimes indirectly by uncovering a truth. It’s a good idea to listen to the people Roy meets at the base and out in the city, they might have valuable information or require your aid.

Dynamic Decisions
Based on Roy’s decisions, some people might or might not survive the zombie apocalypse. Sometimes you will have to make tough decisions or fight a group of zombies in a tightly enclosed space to save someone’s life.

Equipment Upgrades
Roy can task the local weaponsmith with upgrading his handgun to more powerful versions. He can also purchase better melee weapons or acquire backpack upgrades for more storage capacity. The more Roy can carry back home, the quicker he’ll be able to leave the base and depart to Washington D.C. together with Sherry.

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1 review for Survival Mission Z

  1. English

    Eden (verified owner)

    Concise Game Reviews: “Survival Mission Z”
    (Scroll down for the longer version)

    Game Value:
    ✅ Recommended for zombie apocalypse enthusiasts who enjoy action-packed adventures, looting, survival tactics, and NTR story.

    Mature Themes:
    ✔NTR (Netorase, Netorare) ✔Pleasure Corruption ✔Breast Sex ✔Big Breasts ✔Creampie ✔Handjob ✔Oral ✔Vaginal ✔Anal ✔Threesome ✔Breast Job ✔Breast Massage ✔Condom Sex ✔Missionary ✔Doggy Style ✔Cow Girl

    Genre Classification:
    A post-apocalyptic action-adventure game with a strong emphasis on looting, shooting, and survival tactics amidst a zombie outbreak.

    None; explicit content can be unlocked with a free patch.

    Game Length:
    About 3~4 hours of gameplay with various quests, locations, survivor interactions, and endings based on choices.

    Challenge Level:
    Moderate; the game requires strategic management of resources, combat, and interactions with other survivors.

    Detailed 2D art with realistic, gritty depictions of a zombie-infested world.

    Technical Stability:
    Runs smoothly with occasional minor bugs.

    Replay Value:
    Moderate; multiple quests and choices leading to various endings encourage replayability.

    For further insights, feel free to join my Steam group or follow my updates on my curator page. You can also connect with me on Twitter.

    Key Features:

    💻 Post-Apocalyptic Adventure: Engage in combat and explore diverse, zombie-infested locations.
    🌐 Dynamic Decisions: Choices impact the story through NTR (Netorase, Netorare) themes, survivor interactions, and resource management. Achieving a pure love route is challenging but possible by gathering enough resources to secretly leave the camp before Sherry gets deceived and corrupted by Gordon and other men.
    🗺️ Expansive Map: Unlock and explore new locations with unique challenges and loot opportunities as you progress through the story.
    💘 Protagonist’s Quest: Play as Roy, a former cop, on a quest with his fiancé Sherry to reach Washington D.C. They encounter Gordon, a former college acquaintance with a bad reputation, who will try to seduce and steal Sherry.
    🎬 Mature Scenes: Enjoy 38 explicit H-scenes, with 27 involving Gordon, 2 with Roy, and the rest featuring other partners. Unlock all scenes in the recollection room after finishing the game once.
    🛠️ Customizable Experience: Upgrade weapons and manage resources to survive.


    “Survival Mission Z” immerses players in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies. Players guide former policeman Roy and his fiancé Sherry, an ex-soldier, on their quest to reach Washington D.C. The game combines traditional survival elements with mature themes, requiring strategic management of resources, combat, and interactions with other survivors. With a detailed storyline, engaging combat mechanics, and multiple explicit scenes, the game offers a captivating experience for fans of the genre.


    “Survival Mission Z” is an action-adventure game featuring real-time combat and resource management. Players control Roy, who must protect himself and Sherry from zombies while scavenging for supplies.
    🗡️ Combat: Use melee and ranged weapons to fight zombies. Manage ammo and upgrade weapons for better performance.
    🔍 Exploration: Discover new locations and complete quests to progress the story. Each location offers different challenges and loot opportunities.
    🖱️ Interactive Mechanics: Make decisions that impact the story and survivor interactions, heavily influenced by NTR themes.
    📅 Resource Management: Balance exploration, combat, and resource gathering to ensure survival.
    Combat occurs in real-time with melee or ranged weapons. During excursions outside the base, you’ll find zombie-infested locations with valuable resources to trade for currency. Once you gather enough resources, you can attempt to leave the base.
    Be cautious, as Sherry is unusually receptive to Gordon’s lies and seduction. Depending on your choices, Gordon will exploit his interactions with Sherry during your absence to seduce her. There is even a possibility that Roy could die during his outings, allowing Gordon to claim Sherry for himself.

    📖Story and Depth:

    “Survival Mission Z” follows Roy, a former policeman, and his fiancé Sherry, an ex-soldier, as they navigate a zombie-infested world to reach Washington D.C. Along the way, they encounter Gordon, a former college acquaintance now leading a community of survivors. Gordon, who was rejected by Sherry in college due to his bad reputation, has not forgotten her.
    Gordon, a skilled womanizer, uses his charm and manipulative tactics to win Sherry over. He offers Roy safer jobs in exchange for allowing Sherry to sleep with him. If Roy refuses, Gordon will seduce Sherry behind his back during Roy’s dangerous excursions.
    Sherry, initially confident, becomes increasingly receptive to Gordon’s advances. Even if Roy gathers enough resources to leave the camp early, Sherry will still struggle to forget about Gordon.
    The narrative revolves around Roy’s excursions and Sherry’s diary entries, revealing her interactions with Gordon while Roy risks his life outside the camp. The rich storyline, dynamic choices, and multiple endings provide depth and immersion, making each playthrough emotionally engaging. There are several endings, including one where Roy never returns…


    “Survival Mission Z” offers a unique and intense take on post-apocalyptic survival games by placing players in the role of Roy, a determined survivor in a world overrun by zombies. The game delivers a high-quality, immersive experience despite its relatively short duration of 3-4 hours. With its combination of real-time combat, resource management, and dynamic decision-making, players must navigate a richly detailed and perilous world.
    The captivating narrative, driven by complex relationships and multiple endings, ensures a deeply engaging experience. The NTR themes add a unique layer of emotional depth and tension, making every choice impactful. Players must strategically manage their resources and interactions, balancing survival with the threat of losing Sherry to Gordon’s manipulative schemes. Whether you save Sherry or watch her succumb to Gordon, each outcome is compelling and memorable. “Survival Mission Z” is ideal for fans of survival horror and action-adventure games with mature themes, offering a compelling blend of strategic gameplay and emotionally charged storytelling.


    👍 Engaging Storyline: Dynamic choices with multiple endings.
    👍 Variety of Scenes: Diverse explicit scenes and mature content.
    👍 Post-Apocalyptic Setting: Richly detailed world with unique interactions.
    👍 Character Development: Evolving interactions enhance immersion.

    🛠️Ways of Improvement:

    👎 Extended Playtime: More content and side missions would be great.
    👎 More Scenes for Roy: The pure love route currently has only one scene with Roy, while the second scene is in the NTR route. Additional scenes are needed to enhance the pure love route.

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