Survival Mission Z

In a world ravaged by zombies, Roy and Sherry aim to reach the U.S. Capital in the hopes to find a better future. Luck seems to be on their side when they run into another group of survivors, being offered shelter and work to resupply until they can continue their journey.


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Set in a world ravaged by zombies, former policeman Roy and his fiancé Sherry – a retired soldier of the U.S. Army’s Special Operations Force – are on their way towards Washington D.C. As their stock of medical supplies, food and ammunition runs low, they are lucky to encounter another group of survivors. 

Roy and Sherry get allowed into their base by word of one of their leaders: Gordon. He invites them inside, even offers Roy work to finance the stay at the base and restock supplies until they’re ready to leave for the U.S. Capital again. Roy accepts the offer, willing to scout dangerous locations overrun by hordes of zombies on the lookout for loot and supplies to gather and sell. 

It’s in Roy’s hands to make sure he and Sherry will reach their goal.


Sherry served for the U.S. Army’s Special Operations Force. She retired shortly before the world got consumed by the rising zombie plague. Her military comrades called her “Gorilla Woman” because of her strength and exceptional close-quarters-combat abilities.

Strawberries are her favorite food.


Before the zombie outbreak occurred, Gordon worked as a motorcycle mechanic. He’s currently in charge of a small group of survivors operating their own base.

Gordon knows Sherry and Roy from their time together at college.


Roy is a former police officer and Sherry’s current boyfriend. The two met during one of his cases, when she gave him cover fire.

Ever since the outbreak, Roy and Sherry have been traveling together, making their way through the zombie-infested country in search for a better future.

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