Bonds of Yachiyo New Game Announcement!

We’re happy to announce that we’ll be releasing “Bonds of Yachiyo” on Steam and our site!

When Chiyo and her best friend Akari were about to go home from university, a massive earthquake suddenly began to shake the entire building.
Moments later, the ground beneath them crumbled, plunging the two friends into bottomless darkness.
As Chiyo wakes up, their university has transformed into another world entirely. Now, she must find Akari and try to solve the mystery enshrouded in the demonic darkness.

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Saikey Studios

Saikey Studios

Hi! I'm Vinzero. I have been doing translation, QA, and social media management for Saikey Studios since 2022. I've worked on Deceived by the Host and helped with many other official products.