Bonds of Yachiyo

At sunset, darkness swallowed everything. Bonds of Yachiyo is a Japanese horror tale of two best friends getting separated in a strange version of their own world. Escape from evil spirits, explore and solve puzzles as you try to unravel the truth and reunite the two friends!

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When Chiyo and her best friend Akari were about to go home from university, a massive earthquake suddenly began to shake the entire building.

Moments later, the ground beneath them crumbled, plunging the two friends into bottomless darkness.

As Chiyo wakes up, their university has transformed into another world entirely. Now, she must find Akari and try to solve the mystery enshrouded in the demonic darkness.



Carefully explore your surroundings, always ready to hide and escape from monsters. Sometimes you will need to be stealthy, at other times you might need to run as fast as your feet can take you.

Aside from enemies, you will also have to avoid traps, find items, solve puzzles and even switch to another character to make further progress. You can switch between characters at will.



  • Customize your horror experience: You can adjust the intensity of horror events at any time. You can even select your preferred difficulty for escape events, changing the time you have to flee from enemies.
  • Hint system: You can enable hints to help with solving puzzles.
  • File system: An extensive database lists every character you have met alongside every important term, item and note that you have found.
  • Text log: Should you have missed or forgotten an important piece of dialogue, you can look it up in the text log.




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