Curse of Seraphi Is Now Available To Purchase!

Surprise! Curse of Seraphi is now officially released!

To celebrate the release, the game is now available at a 20% discount!

Join Princess Knight Seraphi and Magician Tim on an epic adventure filled with romance, mystery, and danger. Explore the captivating story, make crucial decisions, and uncover the secrets of Quaid Village.

Princess knight Seraphi and magician Tim, once childhood friends so close they were engaged, now face their toughest challenge yet. Years after defeating the Demon King, they confront a curse amplifying Seraphi’s lust. Tasked with hunting the Demon King’s remnants, they barely defeat the Four Heavenly Kings, leading them to Quaid Village, home of Tim’s master, the sage Malcolm. However, the village holds a dangerous secret, where men consumed by desire reside.

Will you help Seraphi and Tim overcome the curse, or will desire tear them apart? Their fate is now in your hands…


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