The Curse of Seraphi

Growing up in an orphanage, Tim bounced between foster homes. He threw himself into studying magic just to spend time with Seraphi, the Knight Princess. Eventually recognized by the kingdom, he earned the right to court her. But their happiness takes a dark turn the day they visited a cursed village…

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In the kingdom, everyone knows Seraphi as the fearless Princess Knight, but to Tim, she’s just his childhood friend and girlfriend. Their lives take a drastic turn when Seraphi falls under the curse of the Demonic White Serpent. Together, they set off to Quaid Village, seeking help from Tim’s old mentor, the Grand Sage Malcolm, hoping to break the curse.

Their journey to Quaid Village is filled with doubts and uncertainty. As they press on, Tim can’t help but question if their efforts will be in vain. Will they find the answers they seek in Quaid Village, or will the curse prove too powerful to break?


She’s not your typical princess—kind of tomboyish, a bit brash, but also shy and easily embarrassed. Seraphi has been by Tim’s side ever since he was an orphan. After defeating the Demonic White Serpent, she falls victim to it’s curse. Determined to find a solution, she decides to seek out Tim’s former mentor, the Grand Sage Malcolm, in Quaid Village. However, little did she know what a horrible mistake this would be…

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