Countdown to NTR

Five days. That’s all the time Bell has to confess his true feelings to Lumia, beautiful singer and love of his life. She left their hometown in pursuit of her dreams – can Bell become a part of her dreams, or will someone else charm Lumia’s heart? Let the countdown begin!

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Available on May 30th, 2024


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One day, young country-man Bell receives a letter from his dearest friend: Lumia. She left their hometown to fulfill her greatest dream: Becoming a singer, a popular idol bringing love and hope to people all around the world. Attached to the letter is a ticket for her next concert, an unspoken invitation to come and visit her in person.

Bell takes the long journey by ship, given five days’ time before the next ship will return him back home again. Five days for one love, Bell has to make every day count if he wants his own dream to become reality: For Lumia to accept his confession.

He isn’t alone in his quest though, with Lumia’s beauty being as alluring as her voice, her body and heart are sought after by other people as well. If he doesn’t act fast enough, someone else might snatch her away right in front of his eyes…


Lumia is a talented and beautiful singer. Her greatest dream is to bring love and hope to the world with the use of her voice. For this noble goal, she left her hometown and joined a band in Loft Harbor as the first step in pursuing her lifelong dream.

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