Nebel Geisterjäger Official Walkthrough Guide

Includes English patches.

The protagonist Tsukasa Sakurai and Kana Kashiwazaki were recently hired as full-time employees of Nebel Tokyo Branch. However, they were suddenly transferred to a remote town called Sara and assigned to a long-term exorcism mission. To make matters worse, their notorious boss also joined the mission as a support member.

To purify the endless calamities and revive this desolate town, the truth that has been hidden for 12 years must be uncovered.

The story of their exorcism journey begins now with these three people…



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This work is an NTR game focused on hidden H scenes from the perspective of a male protagonist.

While there are depictions of the heroine being stolen from her perspective, the player will gain information from different perspectives, such as the heroine’s heart rate, phone conversations, surveillance camera footage, and intelligence gathering. Information gathering is essential to protect her from the advances of her boss.

Their unpredictable fate is unknown, just like any living human being. Change your actions depending on the situation, come up with a strategy, and enjoy the thrilling battle.

Events depicted from various perspectives such as peeping, images and videos uploaded on SNS, AV, and dreams may change drastically depending on the progress of the game.

Pure love route is also possible! There is a chance to redeem the situation before she is completely stolen.

This game has five hidden endings depending on the choices made, and replay is possible. Can you really protect her until the end?

Game System

The game flow is divided into two parts: the daytime part, “Exorcism,” and the nighttime part, “Event”.
In the daytime exorcism, the player is forced to be separate from Kana.

If Kana fails… Lawrence will take advantage of it

During the night, you will be free to act on your own. You can go out to dinner with Kana, meet up in the park for donuts, or intentionally fail to keep your promises.

Naturally, Lawrence is also trying to get his hands on Kana.
If you don’t notice the SOS sign from Kana or don’t get there in time…

There are 46 basic HCGs, excluding differences, X-rays, and daily CGs.
The product version will have over 100 H scenes and 5 endings.

Kashiwazaki Kana

Age 22
Height 162cm
Weight 45kg
Cup D~E

Responsible and honest. She is independent-minded, conservative when it comes to sexual matters. She is able to follow a precise route based on her intuition, but if you give her a map, she will get lost. She has a high aptitude for both analysis and adaptability. She enjoys playing video games and building plastic models.


Tsukasa Sakurai (modifiable)

Age 23
Height 175cm
Weight 70kg
Private part size can be set by the player.

An employee of Nebel Corporation. Training group leader.
He is calm, patient, and resourceful.
He has the willpower to go straight to the goals he sets for himself.



Age 27
Height 182cm
Weight 85kg
Private part size 19cm

He has a gruff personality. He does not let his female targets escape, and he will do whatever it takes to achieve his goals. He is not used to doing exorcism work, but his main job is to show off his wealth and play with women. He has an unusual interest in this year’s new employee, Kana, so he used his connections to get close to her.

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9 reviews for Nebel Geisterjäger Official Walkthrough Guide

  1. English

    William LO CUBILLA (verified owner)

    Extremely good game and impeccable guide.

    Bravo! I will buy every game released BBQ Lover!

  2. English

    demgi (verified owner)

    Game ended up being extremely addictive. Wish it had more content but it is one of the best games Saikey has done so far. Guide is helpful, this game is a grind at points but overall has interesting elements to it.

  3. English

    Derrick Palm (verified owner)

    Game ended up being extremely addictive. Wish it had more content but it is one of the best games Saikey has done so far.

  4. English

    Irrsinn (verified owner)

    This is it. This is one of the best NTR games you will ever play!*

    *if you are willing to jump through some hoops. There are multiple mechanics at work for different parts of the game: dungeon exploration, spend time in the city to look after your girlfriend and go out from time to time to clense parts of the city overrun by ghosts in order to reclaim them. The problem is that some of mechanics aren’t very well explained. You will probably have a few “what, that’s a thing?” experiences hours into the game – and this game will take quite a few hours. There can also be quite a bit of grind, especially if you go for the true ending (don’t do that for your first playthrough. It can be miserable at times, try your hand at this after you got your head around the gameplay loop).

    So why do I rate this game so high? Because it
    1) is really immersive. You go through the city, talk to people, will hear about stuff your gf does or did and you will unlock new places.
    2) has a lot of scenes. You can spy on your gf when she gets molested in the dungeon, in the city when she gets pulled into a dark alley or groped at work. The game covers a lot of fetishes and escaltes with rising corruption.
    3) has voiced lines! And not only during the sex scenes. This helps a lot with the immersion!

    If you are here for some quick scenes you should probably look somewhere else. If the world and a slow buildup are importent to you then this is for you. I put a LOT of hours into this and into multiple endings, I’m really looking forward towards BBQ’s next releases.

  5. English

    shinero0212 (verified owner)

    Great translation.

  6. English

    al.santiano (verified owner)

    Great translation. so much so that you can actually play this for the story like an ordinary rpg

  7. English

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    The translation is great, the base game has a lot of moments which make progression rather difficult but thanks to this patch a lot of it is smooth sailing. Saikey’s team did an amazing job.

  8. English

    ghamerho (verified owner)

    The translation is great, i didn’t find anything missing by the time i played.
    Also gotta give props for the guide, it’s really in depth and good looking. It was really useful to figuring out what to do in the game and to observe how complex it is.
    About the game, i can’t recommend it enough, it has really hot art and scenes, and it gives a lot of playtime and replay value in new game+ to get different endings and scenes, i replayed the game at least 3x and am still finding things i missed.

  9. English

    ANZ CARDHOLDER (verified owner)

    It’s a great translation of a great game but unfortunately it’s bugged in vital parts making the true end unreachable.

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