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Tatsuki, our protagonist, discovers the pleasure of sharing his beloved wife, Hana, with a young guy who stays at their home. How far Hana will go to satisfy her husband’s fetish? Find out in this cute, but thrilling story.

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A visual novel about Netorase (Wife Sharing/Willing Cuckold).

Tatsuki, the protagonist, is interested in sharing his wife with another man. Since Yuma, a timid young guy, is staying on his house, his wife, Hana, started acting motherly towards the guest, making our protagonist jealous but aroused at the same time. When Hana found out about her husband’s fetish, she proposed sex-training him. Our protagonist, anxious at first, discovers the pleasure of sharing his wife.

Free vesion contains: 14 CG images with variations.


The protagonist’s wife. Cheerful, caring and straightforward. She wants to make her husband happy at all costs, including having sex with someone else. She is the master at teasing, so you never know what she is thinking, but if you trust her, you are in for a ride!


Gentle, shy, and inexperienced with women. He is starting college and stays in the protagonist’s house for a while. After being constantly rejected by girls, Hana takes on the challenge of improving his sex skills.



Hana’s husband. A hardworking salary-man who always provides for his wife. After reading about “Netorase”, he slowly dives into his new-found fetish. Would he be able to handle the Cuckold Play”?


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