The Reason for your Smile

Shun Kousaka is a young student looking for a fresh start in a new town. His lifelong dream of getting a girlfriend seems to come true when he meets Mahiru Haruno, the president of the tennis club. It’s love at first sight for Shun, but will his dream come true?

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New college, new life! As Shun Kousaka moves to another town, a new chapter in his life begins. Filled with ambitions, he sets out to finally find himself a girlfriend. His dream becomes true as he meets the president of the tennis club: Mahiru Haruno. It’s love at first sight, and he immediately joins the club to spend more time with her.

If Shun’s dream comes true depends on the decisions he makes throughout the story. Will the two become a happy couple? Find out, in “The Reason for your Smile”!

Mahiru Haruno

Mahiru is the president of the tennis club. She’s a cheerful girl with a very energetic and caring personality. She’s popular with girls and boys alike, and while she might not be the most skillful tennis player, no one can compete with her love for the sport.

Mahiru is one year older than Shun.

Ichito Shimatsu

Ichito is skilled at tennis and sports in general, with a strong athletic physique. He has a very bold and extroverted personality.

Shun Kousaka

Shun is a student with big dreams. Before he moved to another town together with his father, Shun was attending an all-boys academy. The transfer feels like a new chance for him, a chance to start anew and pursue his biggest wish: Getting a girlfriend.

He falls in love with Mahiru at first sight.

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