Shy Girl’s Makeover

College students Kenta and Ayaka are united in their love for video games – and in their feelings for each other. Will their relationship progress beyond being two close gaming friends or will Ayaka’s heart be charmed by someone else? Find out in this slice of life RPG set in present-day Japan!


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Kenta Nakajima is an ordinary college student, a calm and quiet person who doesn’t stand out in class but has one close friend: Ayaka Minami.

Ayaka’s personality is much like his own. Just like him, she is calm and shy – and she shares his hobby playing video games.

Thanks to their shared hobby, the two grow ever closer together. Kenta is even able to change classes and be with Ayaka during college hours. Together, they spend happy days as gaming friends, though neither of them is able to cross the line and confess their true feelings for each other.

One day, the happy couple is greeted by a familiar, cheerful voice: Shou Igarashi, a popular sports student, approaches Ayaka with the intent to get closer to her.

Three students and one love: The beginning of a new path in life for Kenta and Ayaka.

Ayaka Minami

Ayaka is an intelligent but shy girl sometimes struggling to communicate with others. She’s also a gaming geek and has a 

much easier time talking to people online.

Being a very passionate type of gamer, she often practices a lot to get good. She’s especially talented in the FPS she’s currently playing, able to reach a high ranking in the solo category.

Ayaka doesn’t go out much, though she loves to sing. As such, when she does go out it’s usually to karaoke.


Kenta Nakajima

The protagonist.

Kenta is a calm and diligent student who likes all sorts of video games.

He is friends with Ayaka but is too shy to express his true feelings for her.

The two play together every day, and while he isn’t quite as good as her at gaming, he always tries to catch up to Ayaka’s skill.


Shou Igarashi

A good-looking student with a cheerful attitude. He’s popular with both men and women and is quite skilled at almost anything he does.

He’s especially knowledgeable in literary and military arts and has achieved excellent results in sports.

Shou also likes video games and has recently developed an interest in the same FPS game that Ayaka is playing. The game is how he came to meet Kenta and Ayaka.

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