Minako: Beloved Wife in the Countryside

Happily married couple Minako and Tatsurou trade the busy life in Tokyo for a nice, long vacation in the countryside. Visiting her husband’s hometown for the first time in her life, Minako soon finds herself charmed by nature’s beauty and the villager’s hospitality.


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The calm of the countryside is a welcome break from Tokyo’s bustling streets for former teacher and current housewife Minako and her husband Tatsurou. Having been happily married for just over two years, it’s Minako’s first time leaving the big city to visit her husband’s hometown. Pretty butterflies, lots of fresh air and even a hot spring provide all the necessities for a wonderful trip.

However, it’s when Tatsurou falls ill that their long-desired vacation takes a turn for the worse: A strange fever that the townsfolk thought gone years ago renders Tatsurou unable to leave the bed. It is now up to Minako to aid her husband while also dealing with the villagers. Among the people vying for Minako’s time are Tatsurou’s former bully from college years, her father-in-law, and a shy man in need of her skills as a teacher.

The days that follow will be a test of love and the blooming of unknown feelings, for the beloved wife in the countryside.

  • Explore the village and its surroundings.
  • Learn to know the villagers and their needs.
  • Follow Minako’s story as she gets pulled deeper and deeper into a new way of life.

  • The story of a loving wife discovering her true self.
  • An assortment of outfits as the story progresses.
  • Multiple endings: Find collectables in the game world to unlock additional ending scenes.

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1 review for Minako: Beloved Wife in the Countryside

  1. English

    Eden (verified owner)

    Concise Game Reviews: “Minako: Beloved Wife in the Countryside”

    Game Value:
    Highly recommended for enthusiasts of dramatic content; this game features intense themes.

    Mature Themes:
    Includes mature themes and scenarios.

    Genre Classification:
    A narrative-driven RPG Maker game, offering a primarily linear gameplay experience but featuring three distinct endings—two of which are secret and conditionally unlocked.

    Game Length:
    Approximately 2 hours, depending on reading speed and navigation efficiency.

    Challenge Level:
    Minimal; the main challenge involves navigating the map to locate all key items necessary to unlock secret content.

    Beautiful RPG Maker graphics, featuring autumnal hues and a number of hand-drawn CGs.

    Artistic Direction:
    2D Visual Novel aesthetics with an immersive storyline.

    Technical Stability:
    Overall stable, with minor issues such as occasional collision glitches; no major problems detracting from gameplay experience.

    Recollection Room:
    Unlocked after completing the game once, this feature allows players to revisit parts of the game, but content must be unlocked through gameplay.

    Replay Value:
    Moderate; to access all content, players must explore thoroughly before reaching the climax of the game.

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