Deceived by the Host

Hiroshi Kawada’s third year as a college student is as hectic as it can be. He’s trying to secure a job for the sake of his beloved girlfriend, Nanami Miyasaka.

However, things went even more sideways when a crack formed between the two and Nanami’s senior, Seiya, invited her to come to a host club…


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Hiroshi Kawada, a student at Washimi University, was leading a busy life as a third-year student. He was trying his best to secure a good job for the sake of his cheeky yet beloved and adorable girlfriend, Nanami Miyasaka.

However, one day… when Yoriko Mizuki, who belonged to the same seminar as Hiroshi, made a move on him… the relationship between Hiroshi and Nanami began to shake.

The heartbroken Nanami was then invited by Seiya Tendo, leader of the club she is in and a popular host, to step into a host club…

With his beloved girlfriend being seduced away, a bewitching woman trying to tear him and Nanami apart, and a sweet trap painted with innocence…

Their relationship was supposed to return to normal with the help of the respected senior, Seiya. But…

What was happening behind his back? Hiroshi didn’t know… that things had already spiraled out of control.

Experience a dual-system combining RPG elements with the storytelling of a visual novel in a modern Japanese setting. Hiroshi’s part features active gameplay and decision-making as he works at his job, goes to university and gives his best to mend the relationship with his girlfriend. Nanami’s side of the story is designed like a visual novel, following her perspective and the events that take place in her life.

Slice of Life RPG Elements: 
Follow Hiroshi through his daily life, play minigames to advance his university studies and earn money at his part-time job (minigames are optional and can be skipped). Hiroshi can also browse social media to check on the activities of other students, go online-shopping and use phone apps to keep an eye on Nanami’s feelings.

Immersive Romance:
The visual novel system allows for a story-rich experience. Follow the lives of Hiroshi and Nanami through everyday events, university activities, romantic dates and many moments of joy and heartache.

Multiple Endings:
Hiroshi’s actions have a direct impact on the fate of his relationship with Nanami and their future as a couple. Love, happiness or sorrow, their story can conclude in several different ways.

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2 reviews for Deceived by the Host

  1. English

    ghamerho (verified owner)

    The game has two routes and which one you enter depends on your choices made in the first part of the game.
    To advance the game you need to attend lessons, do room tasks, kill time on pc and work to buy upgrades acquired on pc.
    The game starts and ends from the boyfriend’s POV, the girlfriend’s POV scenes can be acquired when you finish the game, from the recollection room.
    For the things I really like about it. There’s the artwork and the h-scenes, nanami has a beautiful and hot design. The social media feature was also cool, it was hot seeing ntr happening in real time and corruption stats and the girlfriend reactions changing.
    For the things i think that could’ve been done better. I think the obliviousness of the MC could be handled in a better way, so due to that, I have issues with how the ntr path ended. I also think the gameplay loop to advance the story got non-intuitive after entering ntr route, that happens after you have no more tasks and lessons pending to do, so you have to keep gringing for nanami/rivals stats and skipping days.
    The game isn’t long, but overall it was still good erotic experience imo.
    The translation is pretty good and bugs/errors were quickly fixed.

  2. English

    ahegaoloverahegao (verified owner)

    Solid game. Artwork is great, mechanics are what really carry the game.

    The real-time mechanic is the game’s biggest win in my opinion. It was quite enjoyable and really added to the experience, albeit it was somewhat repetitive later in the game depending on how you progress. The ability to view SNS is always fun, helped the player understand what the other characters were thinking (maybe too much to the determinant of any mystery aspect of the story). The mini games are enjoyable, not overly complicated or time consuming, made game progression simple and easy.

    The story is pretty run of the mill for most NTR stories, decent length, not too complicated. I felt the protagonist was a little too dense but that depends on your preference. For me the biggest issue for me was the endings, they left a little bit to be desired.

    Overall I felt like it was worth the price. Decent amount of content and an enjoyable experience.

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