Lost Love Island

Stranded on an island after a kraken attacked their ship, novice adventurer Lloyd sets up camp together with Meryl, a talented and beautiful healer. Spending their days exploring the island, they soon become a loving couple. However, their love is put to test as they meet other survivors and inhabitants of the island, all rivaling for Meryl’s heart.


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Every party is only as good as its healer. A motto followed by young adventurer Lloyd when he teams up with Meryl, a healer whose talent is only surpassed by her beauty. Everything seems to go fine up until their ship gets sunk by a kraken, leaving them both stranded on a lone island. From now on it’s up to Lloyd to survive and take care of Meryl. Clothes, food, tools and weapons, he has to scout the island for resources and crafting materials while hunting animals and chopping wood in a game of survival and exploration.

Eventually, Lloyd and Meryl learn that they’re not alone on the island. Other survivors made it out of the ship too, and they even meet a small number of local inhabitants. Some of them join Lloyd and Meryl, united in their will to find a way to set sail back home again – and united in their will to claim Meryl’s heart…


A young healer known for her talent and beauty. She meets Lloyd at the guild and joins his party for a monster-slaying quest. When she finds herself stranded on the island together with Lloyd, she begins to develop deep feelings for him. However, Lloyd isn’t the only man desiring her love…



Five rivals join Lloyd in his pursuit to win Meryl’s heart.

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